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Brother Jacob George Eliot

Brother Jacob

George Eliot

Published 1996
62 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Did I really like this book? On the whole, not really. Another one where its length works as an advantage, Brother Jacob is not, overall, particularly good. Overall, its a passable - mostly predictable - parable soup made with a generous helping of Nemesis and a dash of retard. I cant even say I recommend the whole thing.But. But. Theres just this one part thats so damn good - just a few pages, nothing major - about how opening a pastry shop single-handedly caused a slow and steady demoralization of the entire town. No one can capture community psychology like Eliot: the rumors, the imputation, the knowing nods...and getting to experience just a little bit of that again teeters the whole thing just barely into the like range. Brother Jacob is mostly a slight and (surprisingly) inoffensive re-telling of the whole coming back to haunt you thing that weve seen everywhere. But theres that one totally killer excerpt that would make me feel guilty had I not thrown an extra star at it. The first passage I ever highlighted on a Kindle. Take that, technology!